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About Heinz Built Homes

Boise Custom Home Builder Michael Heinz, President of Heinz Development, Inc., and Manager of Heinz Built Homes. LLC, has over 40 years of experience in Architectural Design and residential and commercial construction experience to apply to your new home. He has owned his business for 95% of that time. Mike is not just a truck jockey. On top of his experience as a building designer, he has framed hundreds of homes personally and has extensive experience as a finish carpenter, tile setter, painter, roofer, sider, and even concrete work. This has gained the respect of each of the subcontractors that work with Heinz Built Homes LLC. The discussions on the job sites are productive based on the mutual respect and understanding of the issues and difficulties sometimes faced during construction. Mike acts as the Designer and planner as well as lead sales on the projects for Heinz Built Homes LLC, in addition to his on going constructin support role along with Chris. Your Heinz Built custom home is designed with the utmost attention to your own unique needs, your budget and your architectural requirements. Your home is built by the best craftsman available in each field to assure your satisfaction during construction and after completion.

Chris Heinz is also a Manager of Heinz Built Homes, LLC. Chris has been raised around construction his whole life. Chris has been full time with Heinz Built Homes since 2005. He started out sweeping floors and cleaning up as a kid during the summers and weekends. He has worked on framing crews and finish crews for many years and has steadily worked his way up in the business. He has spent a lot of his time working on the details that make a job 100% complete. During this apprentiship period he has earned the respect of those in the trades as one of them. Chris handles the job sites, starting with the lot staking, as well as the one on one decision making with each client thoughout the construction process of each project. There are only three points of contact to be found with Heinz Built Homes, LLC., with Chris on site and Mike acting as support on your home and Josh Thomas, with JThomas, LLC, heading up the service work once the project is complete. All are available to pay attention to the details of your project. Each sub contractor and supplier is an extention of who we are. Since we do not bounce from sub to sub, we get that dedication desired that looks out for each other and ultimately you, the client, by building the best product possible.


Josh Thomas, of JThomas, LLC., works throughout the construction project in support of Chris. He has been working with Heinz Built homes, LLC, since 2011, and has been best friends with Chris since their Middle School years. He cares about what we are doing. After college and time as a firefighter with BLM in Idaho, Josh started working with our team full time. Josh is also very talented at finish work, painting and tile and day to day management of your project. What makes, Heinz Built Homes, LLC unique compared to some other builders is that Josh then takes over the completion of all punch list items and service work through total completion. Chris then becomes, Josh's support at that point. Josh is already fully aware of where to start and how to get those final details taken care of that some other builders never seem to complete.


The Heinz family started building in Idaho in 1996 after designing and building in Washington and Arizona since 1975. The plan was not to move here and start building, but the family really liked the Boise area and knew this was the best place to raise the family and decided to make Idaho home. We started out building strictly pre sold custom homes by referrals through friends that knew us and have stayed the course since then here locally. Almost all of Heinz Built Homes business has come from referrals from previous clients and that is something we are very proud of and plan on continuing with Heinz Built Homes LLC.

We have built custom homes in all price categories from small entry level homes for first time buyers or empty nesters, to large estates in the greater Treasure Valley area in the State of Idaho. It does not matter if it is a standard building lot that is ready to build on or an acreage piece that needs to be developed with access roads and power, water, septic, etc., we can handle the project. We have built hundreds of homes in the states of Washington and Arizona. Mike, while building as Heinz Development, Inc., has also built many small commercial projects such as Coltrin Central Plaza in Boise.

Your Home is Built with Many Hands but the choices are all yours.

People ask us all the time, “What do you charge per foot?” We respond with, that’s like asking, “How much is a bag of groceries?” We can’t answer that question without knowing what we are having for dinner. Steak and lobster or soup and sandwiches? What you want for dinner, tells us what to put in the bag and that determines the cost of the bag of groceries. You determine the cost per foot, we don’t.

The biggest factor in the “per foot” numbers other than the design itself, are items determined by the subdivision’s CC&R’s. What materials are required outside and square footage requirements for example plays a major role in determining the costs. Other than that the costs change depending on your interior material choices such as granite counters, extensive woodworking, ceiling heights, or the grades of appliances, etc. All of these are your choice once you get inside. All of us builders pay close to the same amount for concrete, lumber, roofing, etc. It’s the buyer’s choices that change. So the question is… “How much is your home per foot or how much is your bag of groceries?”

We’d love to talk to you about what’s for dinner.