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Michael A. Heinz, Professional Member of the American Institute of Building Design

“Professional Designs” for your home or business with “YOU” in mind.

It doesn’t do anyone any good to have a house or commercial project designed that doesn’t meet their budget.

How much is the building going to cost? Michael Heinz, been designing homes, income properties and commercial projects since 1975. He has built hundreds of projects over that same time period as well. He can answer the question of how much is the building going to cost right as it is designed. Mike’s plans meet your wants and needs as well as your budget. Pretty drawings by designers that don’t know anything about building costs, leads to a lot of wasted time and frustration just to get the project started. The designer gets frustrated over making changes because you can’t afford his design, and the builder gets frustrated over pricing out plans that can’t be built. You, the buyer gets frustrated after being excited over something that ultimately can’t fit into the budget they started with.

Mike is a Professional Member of the American Institute of Building Design, (AIBD). He received his formal education starting with the Arizona Institute of Drafting and Design Engineering in Glendale, Arizona, graduating in 1976 and completed engineering classes from Glendale Community College and Arizona State University in 1978. Mike’s residential projects have ranged from starter homes to large custom estates with pricing from the sub hundred thousand to the multimillions. He has also designed commercial projects ranging from such things as Real Estate offices and Dental Clinics, to Motels, Beauty Salons and Office Plazas.

Mike is not just locked into one design style. His residential projects in Arizona in Scottsdale and Phoenix are predominately southwest designs using stucco with tile roofs with courtyards and heavy materials. Designing homes for many years on the Olympic Peninsula to the west of Seattle in the Northwest, is a completely different style with the Northwest using shake roofs and cedar sidings. The climate is much different and how people utilize their space is completely different between the two regions. The Northwest people cocoon more inside their homes, while people in the Southwest strive to bring the outside spaces in and vice versa. We’ve been designing in Idaho since 1995, combining many styles into one in this area.

Use of materials and living spaces, traffic flows, along with increases and decreases in square footage size and design styles are constantly changing along with clients needs and wants. What was a must have a short time ago has been replaced with something different in a short period of time. How families spend their time together changes not only over time with the style, but also as the family changes with children growing up and then when they move out and sometimes come back as young adults. There is also changes to consider when the parents have advanced in years and need a private space within your home.

There is much more to consider when designing your home than just concrete and 2×4’s, there is the human factor. A family is going to spend their time living there and making memories there. It’s important to get what you need and desire as well as what works within your budget. The design is the most important part of the entire project! Your money is saved or lost with the plans. All the greatest finish work and detail along with all the most expensive materials will not cover up a poorly designed plan. A good design though, can save you enough money to afford materials otherwise not allowed in a budget. I have yet to find a client who was able to find exactly what he wanted in a plan book. There are hundreds of plan books available, but why is it that people can not find the perfect plan? It’s simple. None of the plans in all the books were designed specifically for you and your family. There is usually something missing, or in the wrong place, or it has features you do not want to pay for just to get the rest of what you like. The right design saves you a lot of money before you even break ground and more than off sets the cost of the plans themselves. Something to think about. Sometimes it’s hard to think that spending money on the designs is so you can save money on the overall project. A properly designed set of plans does much more than simply enhance the details you want in your home or office. A good designer doesn’t design…he or she knows how to make your ideas work, which makes you the ultimate designer of your own home. Good qualified designers, guide you to where you want to go.

Your home or commercial project can be as plain and simple as you want with simply providing a roof over your head and comfort from the outside elements, or it can be a place you love to come home to or go to work to, a place to enjoy with family and friends, that says that your time working is worth it. Either way, we can design it for you as long as it meets YOUR budget.