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Interior Decorating

Heinz Built Homes offers a full service to our clients from design through construction of your new home. A very important part of that process is the tough decisions on materials such as tiles, travertine, hardwood materials and stains, granite choices, vinyls, laminates, carpet styles and colors, cabinet styles and stains, interior wall colors and textures, exterior colors, plumbing fixture choices, stair rail stains and spindle choices, and window treatments. All of these items are seen when the home is complete and all are very important in making the house YOUR home.



Practically Art

As a professional artist for over 17 years and a colorist for the past 11 years, I have found that everything can be a palette for color. Color reflects feelings and moods, while adding warmth and value to your home. The color of a room can make a statement. You determine how you want a room to feel and we’ll help you achieve just that. The right colors can make a small room feel cozy. Picking colors when building a new home can be overwhelming, if you don’t know where to start. Changing colors in an existing home can update a room and bring what was once mundane, new again. A playroom under the stairs for example, brings out the imagination in every child. Client have expressed the desire for color but fear picking the right ones. We often hear, “I wouldn’t have thought putting that color on the wall would make such an impact.” We can help you step out of your comfort zone into something bold and playful or guide you to indulge yourself in warmth and luxury. It’s your choice. Practical advice for a practical price. Practically Art Teresa L. Heinz (208) 859-2035

  • Hourly rates available for color and material selections.
  • Quotes available for Faux finishes and Glazing.
  • Quotes available for graphics and murals.
  • Quotes available for Watercolor Paintings.

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Our Experience Our Experience comes from Practical applications in real homes with real people, with real budgets. We can offer everything from paint color and material selections, faux finishes and glazes, to graphics and murals. When the project is complete, your home should be an expression of you and your family.