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Luxury Living CHECK

To start with, what is a luxury home and what makes a luxury home different from simply a custom home?

To answer that, let’s first start with what kind of homes are out there out to choose from.

There is the basic “one of a kind production home”. This is a home usually built from a plan found in a plan book that someone designed for maybe Ohio and now the local builder in maybe Washington, decides would be nice to build. It may or may not actually fit the environment it is now being built in, but the builder, not being a designer himself, thought it would be nice. Sometimes it works and most of the time it does not. Hence, it is a one of a kind, because no one really wanted it and it was never built again by that builder. People usually buy these type of homes because the builder had to reduce his price so much, it became a good buy at some point to a buyer that the design and the plan didn’t matter.


The run of the mill “production home” is a different story. This plan has been refined over and over and the builder has done his homework and figured out how to make it a successful plan for his business to build. There is nothing wrong with this plan and in fact, is built over and over because it is a good plan and design. It is popular at the time and appeals to the greater masses as functional and is priced right for the public to accept. One of the down sides to this plan is that you may have many of the same homes on your own street that are exactly like yours. Another downside is simply this plan has been done so many times that very unskilled labor can build this house effectively and the quality is lower than it should be, to be considered anything but a production home.


The next level is a “custom home”. This is where someone simply takes a production plan they have seen and want to make some changes to it to make it a little different. This is how production builders claim they are custom builders. They move a wall or two and all of a sudden, they are custom builders. Production builders serve a great purpose in every city and town across the country. The masses usually follow the current trends and are perfectly fine with the results. They may complain about the lack of quality from time to time, but they still are overall satisfied with the basic production home. Making a little change here and there and then they can say they have a custom home just for them. There are those that may have come up with ideas of their own and go to a designer and create their own layout and design. This is truly a custom home since they have taken the time to actually come up with their own wants and needs and wishes and hired a designer to make their custom home dream come true. They still want the production home prices, but designed to their own liking. Having something a little different is all they are looking for to be happy with their home.


A true “luxury home” takes a custom home to the next level. Most people think of a luxury home and right away think it is much more expensive. True, luxury usually does cost a little more, to a lot more, depending on what luxury truly means to you as an individual. A luxury home, mainly means that the details needed to complete the final effect has been thought about, designed and produced. It can be as simple as coordinating the fabrics in drapes with the wall colors and the furniture and all the finishing touches. This always includes the design layout and woodwork styling that goes with the overall feel of luxury. Things like the wall heights need to be the right height for the design and not simply two stories tall to create a gymnasium effect thinking this is luxury. Small things like taking the time with the design to change a normal powder room. Taking it from where you open the door and see the sink and toilet immediately, to refining the design to open the same door and only seeing a vanity cabinet made out of furniture instead of the standard cabinet. A custom framed mirror found in an antique store instead of the basic mirror found at the local hardware store. Maybe the antique is even less cost than the hardware store mirror. The toilet has been moved out of sight and now the room has a luxury feel instead of run of the mill production or simple custom. How is that done you may ask? A good designer knows how to create these things in luxury homes. The only cost difference may be the degree of cabinet changes you choose. Using the same square footage and even the same materials, you can change the feel of basic custom to pure luxury with the right designer and builder.


Most people assume that all houses that are over let’s say, 5,000 square feet are luxury homes. Not true. The size of the home has little to do with luxury. You can create a true luxury home with less than 1,000 square feet. At the same time, you can have a house over 7,000 square feet that is boring, plain, cold and unimaginative and not luxury at all.


The biggest thing that makes any home luxury over another is the attention to details. The quality of the work performed from the design stage through the construction process. To the masses, none of this matters and that is why there are so many qualified production builders and custom home builders. There is a much smaller number of buyers for the luxury homes because there are a fewer number of people that recognize or desire quality in a home and the work it takes to take care of the details. That is why there are fewer true luxury builders. It takes much more experience, ability and desire to build a true luxury home.


At Heinz Built Homes, our motto is “When the Details Matter”.

We are luxury home builders.

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