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More about the Partners We Trust

The Partners we trust. Not everyone, in fact not many builders, will give you the information about their subcontractors. They don't want you to know who is doing what. It seems that maybe they want you to think that they built your house all by themselves. At Heinz Built Homes, we are proud to say we have a great team of professionals in every field of construction that form a team of experts to make your project something special. So, we not only share the names and contacts of each of our "partners" in your project, we want to tell you a little about them. They are all an important part of your satisfaction. Scroll down the list to who you would like to know something about.

Action Garage Door

The Heinz Built Home's contact at Action Garage Door is Steve. He has been handling our account for maybe 14 years. We switched to Action because we could not depend on the service of some of the other companies we had worked with in the past. It's one thing to supply a good product, but it's something else to provide good service for the client after the sale is done. Sometimes, things need attention and Steve has made the difference for us. Of course, Action supplies many different and varied styles of doors and in all sizes. They have the latest in garage door openers and keypads and remotes. Everything you need in Garage Doors. They also provide that extra service that's make you know you made the right choice. (208) 466-1400 - Steve


Johansen Plumbing

Brian is our contact with Johansen Plumbing. They have been with us for a relatively short time compared to some of our other subcontractors. They came to us highly recommended by other subs and have fit into our program right away. They are fast and dependable with installations and most importantly service work. When something goes wrong with plumbing, you need to be able to know help is on the way. Brian walks our custom home buyers through the fixture choices along with the help of our wholesale suppliers and Mike, Chris, or Teri at Heinz Built Homes. His expertise is very valuable in making sure you get the most for your dollar when making those all important final plumbing fixture choices. At Johansen Plumbing, they know what quality is expected by Heinz Built Homes, and the client benefits from the team being on the same page from the start. (208) 941-1146 - Brian


American Fire Protection

If you are looking for honest people to work with, you can trust all the subcontractors that are with Heinz Built Homes LLC. One of those at the top of that list is Jim, with American Fire Protection. Jim is a family driven man that treats his business the same way. The quality of work from the design of the sprinkler systems through installation, reflects that desire to do what's right. He has decades of experiences to draw from when looking at your project. Jim understands the needs to be met to provide the utmost in your family's or business's safety, while also watching the budget to produce the lowest cost approach. It's a pleasure getting to work with people you look forward to seeing on the job. (208) 695-0077 - Jim


Ultimate Electric

Daniel and his crew do all over our wiring now. Over time, we have used other electrical contractors for many years. While that contractor was very good, their prices continued to rise to the point that we needed to make a change. People ask us all the time about using our subcontractors without changing. While it is true that we use the people we trust and stay loyal to them, they must always be able to do the best job available, but it has to also be at the right price. Ultimate Electric meets both of these requirements. The do the best job available and they are market aware and their pricing is where it needs to be to assure top quality while meeting clients budgets. Daniel and his crew are very easy to work with and will help with any questions and make suggestions that save money on the job or provide the extra touches that our clients are looking for. They understand what type of detail we need in our Heinz Built homes. Ultimate Electric, also designs and instalsl all of our whole house audio systems. (208) 409-3269 - Daniel



Heinz Built Homes, has worked with BMC West since 1996. In fact, we have never purchased lumber from any other supplier for a project in the state of Idaho. Kirk Harwood, handles our lumber accounts and has made sure over all those years that we and our clients have been taken care of. Sure, we check prices as we should and each time we have found that BMC West has been the best to buy from. Not only have they provided the best pricing, there is no way to measure the importance of their service and commitment to doing what is right for us and our clients. They have solved any and every issue over the years by going above and beyond what is required or expected. From the start of the planning of your project by reviewing the plans, to the materials a client may want down the road such as fencing materials, BMC West takes care of their customers. (208) 376-5504 - Kirk


BMC - Truss

Aren, along with therest of the design and assembly teams at BMC West Truss, have really worked hard with and for Heinz Built Homes since 1996. It is with the concerted effort of people like Aren, that we are able to turn out truly custom homes. No matter the size or style of the home, Aren has helped us turn normal living spaces into dramatic enjoyable areas with stepped ceilings, vaulted areas, and clear spans that allow us to really design nice living environments. Immediately, in the design phase of your home, Aren is brought in to help with the roof design and engineering. This is not only for interior function and attraction, but also the exterior possabilities expand with the knowledge he brings to the projects. It is truly a team effort between BMC West Truss and Heinz Built Homes, which greatly benefits you the home owner. Better designs and lower costs, along with one of a kind details from the initial stages of design which carries through to the finish details of what you see when your project is complete. Aren, also is responsible for designing the "wall panel systems" for Heinz Built Homes. If you look under "Articles", you will see a story about the wall panel systems that we work with. Aren is personally committed to the quality and satisfaction of everything he does and it shows in the end results, every time. (208) 376-5505 - Aren


Rain Control Continuous Gutters

Rain Control Gutters provides much more service than the other gutter companies in the area and Ed personally lays out each project for us. He not only solves the water containment and removal issues for our projects, Ed, also enhances each project with their gutter systems. From their range of gutter colors and designs to their unique down spout chains, Rain Control Gutters is the choice of Heinz Built Homes. What sets Heinz Built Homes apart from the rest is the details. Rain Control Gutters helps us make that happen. (208) 870-3263- Ed  


Lindsey Construction

We have only used two other foundation crews since 1996 here in Idaho. The first crew did a very nice job for us for many years, but decided to move their work to the Twin Falls, Idaho, area. Fortunately for us, he recommended great guys before he left and we could not be more pleased with Lindsey Construction. The foundation is the starting point to every home or commercial project and you have to be able to depend on the quality work right out of the gate. If the foundation is wrong, it's hard to get the project back on the right track. Jared Lindsey, has been extremely helpful with many of our projects, in that they work closely with Heinz Built Homes, to avoid any issues requiring any soils engineering or additional rebar due to conditions unforeseen prior to excavation. They don't just mindlessly go to work. They take the time required to do what is right the first time. We know that any job that starts with Jared, will be square, level, accurate, clean, and ready for our framers to take from there. Having Jared on the site is like having another superintendent standing by at all times. (208) 941-2711 - Jared


The Stair Guys

Larry Cook and Dave Pape, with "The Stair Guys" are the perfect examples of who Heinz Built Homes is. We are a company made up of the finest craftsmen available. Not just locally, but these guys are the best of the best anywhere you look. The attention to detail is beyond compare and their pride of work shows from the day they meet you to discuss your project up to the day they clean up the sawdust after they are finished. While the finished product is a joy to view for all the years you own your home, just watching the pieces go together with such care is simply a joy to watch. Heinz Built Homes as had the privilege of working with these fine craftsman since about 2002. (208) 866-6122 - Larry.  


Big City Insulation

We have recently started dealing Big City Insualation. They are the most cost competitive due to the volume of business they achieve each year which allows them to lower costs over other local suppliers.  (208) 322-3522 -   



Garcia Brothers Concrete

We were fortunate to be able to bring Edwardo with Garcia Brothers Concrete on board with our Heinz Built Homes team in 2006. Edwardo and his crews have been doing all of our flat work concrete such as garage floors, patios, walkways, driveways, and sidewalks since then. It has really enhanced our homes and commercial projects by having them with us. As stamped concrete has gained in popularity over the past few years, it is important to have the skilled workers on the job or you end up hurting the project's appearance and you are not adding value. Garcia Brothers not only excels at the high end finishes, their standard flat work such as garage floors are the best I've ever worked with in the many years we have been in the construction business. We were introduced to Edwardo through our long time association with our tile setter Nick Ceron. This is another situation where we have benefitted greatly from our loyal team members looking out for us and the best for our clients. (208) 895-0995 - Edwardo


Green Lawn Care and Landscaping

One member of our team is Gary Banse, owns Green Lawn Care and Landscaping. They have been doing our landscaping sicnce 2006. Mike, at Heinz Built Homes, has done landscaping since 1972 and knows how important landscaping is in how it completes the look of your new home or commercial project. Finding Gary has been the perfect match in reaching those desired results. Gary knows how to make a plan come together with the knowledge of the materials needed to make it look the way you have described. He also knows how to make the budgets go as far as they are supposed to. Gary has quality crews working together from initial design of the plant materials and irrigation systems, to the installations, and continuing with the maintenance if desired after completion. Gary can also handle all of your plant, tree and lawn fertilization needs through out the year. They can provide snow removal and holiday light installations during the winter months. (208) 573-1348 - Gary


Rosales Drywall

It's hard to hide a bad drywall job. In fact, there really is nothing you can do to make the house look good if the drywall is wrong. Not just if seams are showing, but is the texture even and uniform. Is the hand texturing the right style? Migel, with Rosales Drywall, has been working with us and getting it right, after we had experienced having to fix a few jobs before by others. Once we found Migel, the search has been over. They are the best to be had in all of Idaho in our opinion. Migel and his crews work closely together from material delivery, to hanging, to taping and skimming, through prep and priming, to texture and through the clean up, in making the Heinz Built Homes, project look just right. From arches to curved walls, big open walls, to small architectural details, Rosales Drywall does it all. (208) 412-9058 - Migel


Heinz Built Homes Service Crew

Chris Heinz, has been with Heinz Built Homes since about 2005. Along with his overall superintendant duties, Chris, works along with Josh, as our finish carpenters on the projects as well as the final check list and service work coordinator. Chris worked with one of our finish crews for many years and his talent and attention to detail has set him appart from your standard finish carpenters. When it comes to punch lists, we work very hard to complete the projects 100% as quickly as possible. We understand that those nagging last details will leave the lasting impression of our quality of work. It would be a waste of our time and your confidence, to build you a beautiful dream home, only to have you focus on that miss matched stain on a cabinet door that you see every day until replaced. We do everything in our power to complete the service work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Josh, has the patience and dedication to complete that very important part of every home. (208) 391-0842 - Josh


Arena's Plastering

Rosalio handles all of our stucco and stone needs both inside and outside of our homes. They provide the cleanest lines of any stucco installers we have worked with including all the talented stucco contractors we have worked with in Phoenix in the past. They do quality work and assure that there are no call backs due to rushing a job in the wrong weather conditions. It is their attention to the final details that makes their work stand out when compared to all the others. 


Heinz Built Homes Finish Crew

If you look up the word craftsmanship in the dictionary, there should be a picture of a Heinz Built Home. We have some of the most talented wood workers to be found anywhere. Since 1996 here in Idaho, we have strived to add that one quality needed to take a normal standard house to a one of a kind fabulous home. From elegant painted entry columns to rich stained home offices with beamed ceilings, these guys do it all and with an architectural flare that is simply amazing. They have taken Heinz Built Homes, to an upper level of quality of home builder. Their attention to detail is what it is all about when looking at the differences in the marketplace. Mike Heinz, along with Chris Heinz, personally oversee all aspects of the finish work details from conception to final quality control. (208) 703-3584 - Chris


R&R's Hardwood Flooring

We have used Rob's R & R Harwood Floors on and off over the years. Being a custom home builder, some of our clients have chosen Travertine floors or tile, and some clients have brought us other hardwood installers they had used on their past homes. It has been our experience though, that you need to go with the best. Rob's R & R Hardwood Floors are the best in treasure Valley in our opinion. We have had good installers in the past, but the management of those companies did not follow through with the client's best interest when it came to completing the deal. That is not the case with Rob and his company. The installation is fast clean, and professional. The treatment of the clients from the choice of hardwood materials to layout patterns to through out the pricing and customer service has been the best. Heinz Built Homes is proud to work with Rob's R & R Hardwood Floors. (208) 377-5563 - Rob


Scott Meyer and Sons Roofing

We do a lot of tile and shake roofs for our clients along with the standard Architectural Asphalt Shingle Roofing at Heinz Built Homes. Scott and his crew have proven to be the most professional roofing company loacated here in the valley. Scott adds that assurance that the job has been done right. There is nothing worse than a leak in a roof when the storms hit. By using Scott Meyer and Sons Roofing, we sleep at night not worrying about our home or yours. If for any reason there is ever any issue, Scott is on the spot right away to solve that issue quickly and correctly. He has found the right products and has worked within our budgets for our clients. That leaves us with high quality while affordable work and satisfied customers. These are great guys to have on the job and add to our team in the best ways possible. (208) 362-5062 - Scott


Silverline LLC

Tyler Hess, owns Silverline, LLC., and has taken care of our garage floor coverings since 2007. Working with Troy Nickel, they also provide our interior closet packages and garage cabinetry. These are all the final details required to raise your home to the upper level of completion and it shows when these guys get finished. Silverline, LLC., can restore your old concrete with great finishes that really get your old home ready to sell as well as provide the best appearance and durability to your new home. (208) 463-0804 - Tyler  


EDF Construction (Framers)

Eddy and his crew are the main framing crew for Heinz Built Homes. Michael Heinz, has framed hundreds of homes himself and is very picky when it comes to his framers. They have to know what they are doing and they have to care about what they are doing. Everything else counts on it. If the foundation is off or the framing is sub par, the entire project suffers from there. (208) 392-6610 - Eddie


Ultimate Heating and Air

We met Dale with Ultimate Heating and Air, in 2003, when we were looking for answers to who could provide the quality and price points we needed to make our projects better for our clients. We needed someone who would give us a fair price and then follow through not only with the price quoted, but also provide the service the customers were expecting from Heinz Built Homes. Not only during the construction process, but more importantly once the project was complete. Along with their superintendent Justin, Dale and Ultimate Heating and Air, has installed all of our heating and air conditioning equipment ever since. They have taken our homes to a new higher efficiency level, by designing better zoning areas and providing the best equipment available and at very competitive pricing. Dale has personally designed each system for our custom homes. He works closely with us in making sure the house is designed to allow for the best placement of equipment which will provide the best air flows to make your living more comfortable no matter what the season. (208) 321-8663 - Dale


Western Metal Fabricating

We came across Todd at Western Metal Fabricating when we needed 4" square steel columns for Coltrin Central Plaza in 2006. Then we needed a steal plate made for an elevator grease trap cover. In working with them on these items we found that they do just about everything with steel we might need in both commercial work as well as residential applications. Todd designed and manufactured the "belly band" railing for my upper deck on my personal home and has done the same on others for Heinz Built Homes. I have to admit, the first time I went to their shop it was a little overwhelming with ith all the steel laying around. I usually work with other materials and not much steel so the first time, I was not in my normal surroundings. Todd was great to deal with and a it is pleasure to having Western doing our work. (208) 336-4042 - Todd


Leisure Time

We have Kyle at Leisure Time supplying our fireplaces. While they have supplied many "standard" fireplaces for our jobs over the years, they can also provide those oversized or specialty fireplaces that you may be looking for. The people at Leisure Time have many years of experience from right here in the valley supplying exceptional products and service for their clients. (208) 353-3593 Kyle.