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Dan and Tanya Webster

Custom home on acreage in Melba, Idaho "We bought a piece of property and had spent some time getting some things done like installing a well and getting power before we met with Mike to talk about the house. He then designed and built a home that was much nicer than we had expected we could afford. He came in on budget and we were extremely pleased with the attention to detail, especially the finish work and the end product. We have recommended Heinz Built Homes to our friends and relatives and will continue to do so."

Gary Banse

Custom home in Hidden Springs, Idaho "I was told about Mike and Heinz Built Homes, from a relative of someone Mike had built for. Mike worked closely with us every step of the way and handled all of the issues in building our home in our community. We are very pleased with his work and are still involved with Mike and his company in projects ranging from warehouses to apartment complexes."

Connie Lewis

Custom home in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho " Mike designed and built the dream house I could never have dreamed of. Before Mike, I had two designers work on the plans for my home. Their plans had the rooms and spaces that I wanted, but the plans were ordinary and did not take into account my 360 degree view property and would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Mike built me a "crib" (not my words, but from visitors) that has a view from every room and fits well into the surrounding environment. The house was less expensive to build than the others would have cost because of Mike's efficiencies in use of space and materials. I also got to have many additional unique features in the process. I enjoyed working with Mike and his office staff and subcontractors. Needless to say, I love my house and after three years, I'm still happy to walk in the front door."

Mike and Lori Kirby

Custom home in Eagle, Idaho "I vowed to never build another house again after a debacle in Portland, Oregon, however - you restored my faith in the new construction process. You incorporated some simple adjustments, at minimal cost that enhanced the exterior beauty as well as creating more space inside. On top of that, our project came in on-time (Lori's birthday) and right on budget. Lori and I were very pleased with your design/build process and would most certainly utilize your services when we decide to build our next home. Thanks!" Mike Kirby, Branch Manager Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Kathy York

Custom home in Nampa, Idaho "When I decided to build a home on a piece of property I had acquired several years prior to deciding to build a home, I had no clue what I was in for. I was referred to Mike and he walked me through the entire process and built a beautiful home on my budget. He worked with me on the design and made it fit on an odd shaped lot. He took into account all the features of the property and optimized the view and privacy to the surrounding homes. His workmanship on the finish with the beautiful trim is more than I had hoped for. He was also able to give me some upgrades and stay within the budget we had established. I appreciate that I can still call him anytime if I encounter a problem and he responds immediately. I moved in 2006 and I am thoroughly enjoying my home and will for many years to come.

Brad and Becky Abbott

Custom home and Dance Studio in Middleton, Idaho "Working with Mike, while building our home and dance studio was easy, fun, and informative. I like how he took the time to explain to us how the process of building a home and business worked. He made sure we got everything we wanted in our home and kept redesigning until it worked for us. He maximized our equity potential, by building a smart home and one that we enjoy living in. I heard my husband say once, "I can't believe I live in such a nice place". We would rather stay home than go to a fancy hotel. Thanks Mike!"